Writing a novel,
Having conversation,
Story telling,
Incidents in life,
All of the above have one thing in common that is “TWO WAY PROCESS”.
Without the implementation of this process a story or conversation is abrupt,
As our responses are based on our collective understanding from the instance in which we are into or we have experienced till now, ofcourse its happening inside our head.
At times the responses we make are influential which is – without having the appropriate knowledge we tend to make immediate decisions according to Likes and dislikes (in any way).
Making imperative decision is the most daunting task with a mixture of feelings which can take us into a confusing ride.
Once we’ve made a decision, then from the next time onwards the inculcated confidence will boost you to do something new, even if we know we’ll have to hit rock bottom a few times.
Even at times because of our fear we back out, honestly it’s a mental investment that can either get you the sun rays or the grey clouds can obscure the sunlight.
Life is challenging at every point. It either makes you or breaks you.
As a learning experience, it adds much more meaning to life.

So be particular and true to your own self.


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She’s a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, so many roles to play in a lifetime, yet she does it without any fail. And what we do to her ?
We rip her life apart to satisfy our inner demons. She’s beaten, she’s forced to keep mum, raped and burnt alive. Just wow guys, just wow. I mean, to what more extent can we go ?
A day or two of candle marches, another day media shouts and a week later we’re like nothing happened. You guessed it right, it has become a joke where we’re equally responsible for what’s happening out there.
The people here can never be educated enough because they accept to cling to their roots. Unemployment and poverty leave those jackals with no options, but to pounce upon the weak. First their wives, then their kids and finally the outside world.
It’s us who feed them with the courage to do it repeatedly by just doing nothing. All of us has a mother or a sister or even a girl.
Wake up guys before it’s you who’s left to cry alone.
It’s truely shameful….!!!!

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Sometimes all you need is a vacation from hustle and bustle of these concrete jungles and all those unpleasant people. Exploring things on your own gives you a sense of completeness that you were missing. The adrenaline rush gives you a feeling beyond words, it makes you feel…. ALIVE, a feeling you’ve kind of lost all these days running behind your goals, targets, and projects. So if you’re one of those people who like to travel and just want to forget the entanglements of otherwise messed up life, TAKE A BREAK, and go on a ride with your own serene roads and let yourself flow at the moment, and a moment with self can bring out the best out of you.

The more frequently you travel, the more equipped you likely are to seek out money-saving deals and travel hacks.

However life is not always a sweet life, just looking opposite to the brighter side, there are several factors bring down your morale of the trip.




The more frequently you travel, the more equipped you likely are to seek out money-saving deals and travel hacks.

As the name suggests if you book tickets at the last minute, your pockets are already doomed at the very start.

For instance, train, flight and bus tickets are really expensive that can hammer your pocket, this unnecessary expense can be avoided by booking tickets well in advance.

Another way is booking tickets by yourself (as there are so many applications for the same), by doing this the extra expenditure which we usually give to the travel agent can also be avoided.



Sometimes you need to be somewhere on a specific date. But if you just want to plan affordable travel, flexibility is the key to success.

Factors harming the pocket in this case,

  • Long weekends
  • When you’re dicey(not sure) about the trip

Some people are dicey as their pocket is already under pressure, however, they still expect themselves on a trip which ultimately hampers their pocket.

  • Addition of depth:

When people decide to go on a trip, with unfavorable pocket conditions, due to which they owe some depth, that trip is a disaster from the very start itself.

Basic RGB


‘You never know if you don’t ask.’

The internet has made comparison easier than ever, and as a consumer, it’s your responsibility to check all possible reviews, to ensure you’re getting the BEST.

Before planning a trip people should always check the reviews of the place, hotel, local language, local people, their culture or can get some expert opinion well in advance.

As knowledge about the place not only comfort you but also your pocket.

For instance, I visited Shimla during winters, I didn’t review the hotel, which made my trip bit hectic and time-consuming initially.

Leisure Day


Leisure living is another big factor that harms the pocket in a big way.

Staying and eating inexpensive hotels or resorts can hurt the pocket effectively,

Even if the budget is set to stay in such leisure surroundings, the prices keep changing as per the demand and occasions.

People tend to travel like hippies in order to avoid this major expense.

This extra expense can also be minimized by purchasing packages or booking through apps where certain coupons can be applied.



‘The less you bring from home, the more you have to shop at your destination.’

So bring the required.

Overpacking is one of the most common travel mistakes, which usually leads to solo traveling.

A reduced cost-effectiveness one has to travel by cabs or personal vehicles even if the person intends to travel by public transport.

This also requires additional help to carry the luggage, the additional help maybe a coolie or any movers and packers services.

Sometimes among a lot of stuff, small loses are not visible. Later when taken note of, the pocket is already under pressure.



The food at the destination is generally overpriced and unhealthy, and you’re going to pay a premium for convenience.

Anytime craving for food can hurt the pocket to the maximum during traveling, though the expenditure is not that noticeable, later when taken note of, the wallet is already weak.

It’s recommended to carry packets of biscuits, magi in large quantities as per the requirement because planned eating can help save big on the pocket as time and mainly the expense, both are fixed.


‘Temperature is an important determinant of clothing behavior.’

It is mainly caused by the unawareness of the climate of a certain place at a certain time.

For instance, traveling to a place with a cold climate, one carries summer wear with a single jacket, new clothes have to be bought suiting the climate.

Hence, people are forced to step out of their comfort zone and spend, that could have been easily avoided.

Inappropriate gear can also be a pocket pressure because even the most minute gear such as raincoats or terrain shoes are charged, which can be avoided by an expert opinion well in advance.


Good specific pressure on the wallet is mainly caused due to little or no information about a place.

For instance, a packet of biscuits costs Rs. 15 near your place but the same good costs around Rs. 25 at the place you plan to travel to. A small amount, but definitely one to notice, harms your pocket. Which is one of the main reasons hurting your pocket while traveling!

Needlessly buying goods is another factor contributing to hammering your pocket.


People can never know enough about any place they plan to visit, irrespective of personal experience.

Your surroundings may consist of pickpockets or petty thieves, crowding the streets of that very place and they recognize a tourist when they see one.

So always remain cautious of your personal belongings such as a phone, wallet etc, and try not to carry fancy or designer bags which can make you a target, because once any of them is gone, the pocket is very much hurt and nothing ruins a vacation faster than realizing your valuable stuff is no longer in your possession.

Gps navigator and location design


It can be one of the principal reasons if you decide to take your vehicle along.

Irrespective of the nature of the vehicle, whether it’s petrol or diesel, the fate of your pocket is half decided at the very beginning.

Petrol proves to be too costly at certain places, diesel being cheap tends to cause more pollution.

It is also recommended to schedule a vehicle check-up before hitting the road and looking for any potential problems that might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It’s always suggested to consider the alternate mode of transportation.

After discussing the cons above we can save a significant amount of harm to our pockets by following:

  • Always plan your trip well in advance to book the tickets for the same.
  • Plan your trips accordingly so that desperate measures do not hurt your pocket.
  • Always tend to know the maximum about the place that you plan to travel to.
  • Prefer to travel like hippies.
  • Pack your luggage accordingly, so that minimum luggage gives you the maximum benefit.
  • Plan your diet schedule accordingly so that the time and mainly expenses are fixed.


If anyone needs challenges in either field (economic and comfort) than the trip cannot be remarkable and rememberable as it should be.

*copyright – Archi Singh

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An imaginary love letter!!!

The one who deserves all the love.

I want to wake up with you in our home, in the bed that we share.
I want to walk down the street with you by my side so that everyone knows that you are mine and I am yours.
I don’t want to be afraid of what this ruthless world will do to me for loving you,
Neither am I…
And if some hardships are the only way to get it, then…
My mind hasn’t changed because to me the definition of the word IMPOSSIBLE or BROKEN suggests that something can definitely be fixed.

The one who is ready to sacrifice for love.


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“Law of Attraction”

Everyone has own definition of everything….
How do you define attraction ??!!
For me !
It’s a beautiful feeling that gives you the joy of being in that meticulous moment…
Yeah, joy …
Neither less for 10 days nor 10 hours, 10 minutes or maybe 10 seconds of being with someone.. you might not be with, the other second or day …
Live the fullest of what you’re experiencing because they say as is…..
Kal ho na ho (life is unpredictable)
Be the part of it and experience that UNRIVALLED feeling….

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I Slept Well !!!

Deep into the night as weary eyes were set to shut down, into the brief darkness followed something she had always imagined
She stood on a cliff and there was horizon as far as those eyes could see. On the foot of towering mountains rested gaping rivers and lush green valleys. It was something she always imagined. The gleam in her eyes said everything. An uncertain calmness surrounded her. The frost on her face made her look ashane. This was the calmness ‘after the storm’.
Her quest for survival had taken a bit of everything from her away. Yet, there she was. Still standing, still fighting. Tears of despair started to flood her cheeks as she felt whole after quite a while.
even before taking another step,her alarm clock rang and she was up to fight another battle.
But yes, the following morning she could say, “I slept well”.

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Being immortal!!!

Baby girl with glittery small eyes and a Pretty smile, with a charm unrivalled, However never realized…
Has been doing wonders, but no one ever anticipated them.
She wanted her leisure to be immortalized,
Maybe, that was something close to a myth !!!
Always wondering what’s that thing that can be her’s all the time…
In her quest for ‘that something’ , she has come a long way somewhere isolated, where there is no fear of being judged and she can build a world of her own.
Later on she realized…
The aroma of her mystic magic is yet to spread high and wide…
She decided to go back from where she had escaped reality.
With no expectations, no Regrets
That was the new her, with no remorse and a will unmatched…
Now she’s not trying to be someone but, she is now unapologetically classy of her own kind.

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The white – noise of life

You can be someone’s hope,while someone can be a motivation that drives you through harder phases of life.
They say time heals even the deepest scars, but the reality is those scars heal up when you have someone or something else to look upto. People, breathe in your fears and let them flow.Accept yourself, for that’s who you are.
At some point in life you find people who can be the calm to your crazy. Sharing your inner demons with them gives yourself a sense of being complete. Moving forward in life, the quality increases and quantity decreases. Same happens with the people in your life. Here the leftovers are the real ones. Ironic..!!!!
Don’t ever shy away from talking to someone you trust because it only makes you stronger,
Sometimes that someone may not be the right person or may not understand you but you can’t explain everything to everybody. some people just won’t get it and you have to be ok with that.
As there is a saying:
“Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone.”

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You neither know how to hide it,
Nor know how to Express it.
The lava of your aderaline rush wants to come out…but you’re stopping it
Why ??!!
Let it flow, let it show.
Tussles are a part of life sometimes with nobody, sometimes with the loved one,
And the aftereffects are like being trapped inside a chamber where there’s no turning back,
Yet a ray of hope coming your way …
Let me be the one, your rising and shiny hope,
Let me be your light.
And I promise I’ll never let you go …
Never ever will make you feel this way.
Take the time to be happy …
Coz without you everything seems unsorted and unhappy.
Let your fears roll, I am here.
because I understand you, believe you, and will try to heal you.
Smile and everything will be change for good, for such moments are temporary.
Don’t worry, the best is yet to come.

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Have you ever reached a stage in your life where your mind and heart tell you, “This is the place you always wanted to be at?”
The feeling is unspeakable, but there is a sense of accomplishment inside.
You begin to realize that everything’s back on track…
When suddenly your life on wheels derails again… back to square one,
You’re at your deciding point whether to give up or give in.
At certain stages of life, we are defined by the decisions we make.
You’re either a winner or a nobody !!!
A happy life is not a myth but somewhere close.
Mostly the decisions taken are made by seeing our comfort zone,
making us reluctant to the change.
What an irony!!! But ‘change’ is the only constant thing in this world. Embracing changes and giving up the comfort zones defines a stand out.
Tomorrow even if the life goes south, you’ll have courage to face it instead of kneeling down before circumstances.
Always remember, failure is temporary, giving up is what makes it permanent.

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