To be OR not to be!!!

Out of the blue into the black,
the bud coming out of the shell…
Venturing into a deemed world full of hypocrites,
Your whole life is braided with the spate of misfortune now and forever until it drags you down into its grey gardens and once it’s done, it will shrink its claws deeper.

People usually have a fear of being judged and this thought doesn’t let them unlock themselves, they RESTRICT and RESTRAIN, causing themselves to make some questionable decisions…
And with these hypocrites buzzing around, the feeling never goes away.

I was skimmed at times,
As it all of this is karmic…Maybe!!!
Metaphorically the universe has a very funny way of keeping us humble.
So instead of cribbing, be redemptious as life has a different way of teaching us – how to calibrate to live gleefully.
Because not being judged is not in our hands, some people due to this fear cannot unlock the potential in themselves.
The way we like the bitterness of dark chocolate, this is just an entropy at life not necessarily falling apart.

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