Princess living in a fairytale, wrapped in a blanket of love,
love the cold so delicate.
Sweaters goosebumps as your Supreme love.
Like a pearl in a sea shell,
Peeping out of the window pane everyday, you saw the gulf between you and the world outside.
Vowed to never let that get you,
But the gulf was in you, deep as poison…
But one day, the day destined for you, only you.
He did come, the prince charming, the knight and shiny armour…
The click tends to rub off which actually did,
And in no time he became everything and we have our everythingship😍
Now I am wrapped in my armour’s arms, with more love and warmth than anywhere in this god forsaken world, which now seems to be unearthly beautiful from my castle.

– Inspired from You.

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Toodles 🤗

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