Life for me is…

Metaphorically, life has a funny way of keeping us humble,
Expectations and desires make it funnier,
We crave for absolutes, they comfort us,
however, when that desire has been fulfilled, we ain’t satisfied enough 
but trust me, there’s is no coming back, as the withdrawal isn’t easy, 
unlike the ashes on the verge of nowhere, which can be cleaned by the shade of broom.
When we want something and get it at the same time, the value starts to deteriorate and we start taking it for granted,
However, when we do not want things to happen, they surely happen.
Similarly, we fight with our loved ones on trifling matters and then regret it,
But we mostly fight with them whom we love the most.
It feels like drowning into whirlpool alone in the shady night.
So weird and confusing…
Its edgy but life has outdone itself.
If life is the king who molds our young pupil’s mind, circumstances are the fingers,
It has plucked the depths of our tiny mind, by plucking all sorts of juicy tidbits.
The sufferings and gaggles of people are unsuccessful in changing its intensions
because we are cruel and somewhere we deserve this, which life is pretty much aware of
I know its tricky to keep those troubling thoughts at bay, as life is infinitely more complex than that,
As we walk through the fire and survive.

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