Mother and Moon


Dear Mumma Moon,
You look-alike my Mumma in the room.
You look so beautiful with the luna light, you shower upon us,
just like my Mumma showers her unearthly love upon me.
The scars in you, remind me of me in my Mumma’s womb.
You stay strong when the clouds surround you, cry with the lightening sky,
She stays strong when my smile tries to fly.
Like your luna light to the earth mellows all lines,
Similarly, I get hypnotized by her sweet-sounding vines.
You are with your tribe devoid of price,
She never takes the limelight but pays the price.
As you’re a mix of the dark but twinkling skies,
She has it all in her eyes.
It’s beautiful to see you in bloom,
however, it’s soothing to hear her in the lobby of my ear room,
At times,
Clouds throw shades on you, so do I on her.
However, these sights are reminiscent of my love for her.

*Happy MOTHER’S DAY to the strongest creatures on earth, given birth by the moon goddess.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pulkit says:

    Simply WOW 🔥🔥


  2. Manit Kaur says:

    Such heartwarming words♥️💯


  3. Atul Gupta says:

    आपकी परिकल्पना और शब्दों का चयन अद्भुत है।


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