Save India (From Google)

INDIA is a great country.

Secular,full of love,

Indeed it is, but at the same time it’s a deemed country full of hypocrites.

However, Not all.

Like a rotten apple can spoil the good ones in the basket and that good apple may not be able to sustain itself against all rotten ones and may perish in the process.

Similarly, there are ample of issues like:

  • Kerala Elephant death
  • Jamia Scholar’s pregnancy case
  • Rape Cases even in Lockdown
  • And many more…

they have caught me off guard, because of which I couldn’t keep my thoughts at bay.

I am sure they destabilize your mental peace too…

India is one of the largest democracy in the world, which provides us our constitutional rights, FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION are one of them, we are so blessed to have these rights and many of us are utilizing at its best, 

However, my concern is WHY WE ARE TAKING THEM FOR GRANTED?

  • Why passing lure and absurd comments on soldiers is FINE ? and when given punishment for that is inhuman?
  • Why ‘doing nothing’ and criticism is fine and when someone tries to bring in the change is stupidity?

*(I agree Social Media holds a lot of power but circulating just a story and posting on feed with half knowledge is more dangerous).

  • Why being Racist/Sexist is fine, when the choices are related to self?
  • Why the brutal killing of Animals is fine, and Forest catching fire naturally is a deliberate action?
  • Why Female infanticide is fine and Educating girls is toxic modernity?
  • Why keeping the accused alive for a massive destruction of somebody’s life is fine, and getting raped is just another act?
  • Why some chauvinist masculinity is fine and women wear revealing / tight attire is sexual arousal?

It is glum to see these hypocrites living in our society and destroying it.

People are trying to bring in the change; It takes a lot to Stand for your beliefs.

And salute to the ones singing to the tune of solidarity. 

However, these hypocrites are sinking their claws deeper into the society by playing dirty.

We need to show these Hypocrites:

What INDIA is, the way they must remember it,

Secular, full of love, which will not be defeated by any destructive notions.

We are not alone, We stand side by side.

Yes, there would be hardships, but the uprising must not calm.


*A Reminder for everyone who had given up.

Look up, There’s so much hope, as dusk always comes promising dawn


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  1. Kunal says:

    Very nice.. By kunal

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