The one thing I have always craved for is satisfaction.
As satisfaction drives from a healthy mind, You cannot be satisfied with the forehead frowned with wrinkled brows!
I like my forehead to be wrinkled free, Neither those wrinkles nor the reasons behind are going to decide where I belong, This is how I have been convincing myself since day one when I took over the command and unleashed my adulthood, I always wanted to be the disciple of my own, never got enough opportunities to be one though, now the fight is at its climax, it’s one v/s many (me and my wrinkled lines, settling down on the beds of my control system) and In a parley I am picking up stronger parts of me that are not just the damsel in distress waiting for someone to rescue me because ‘YES’ is replaceable, subconsciously it worked on my mind, Now when I have sensed the neglected scent, the wrinkled lines creaked as I went up against them.

#TheTimeOutChronicle #WorldThroughMyWords

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  1. Kunal jo says:

    Beautiful it is….

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    1. Archi Singh says:

      Thank you brother❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. judeitakali says:

    Quite the deep metaphor.

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