He took her heart and made it bleed💉😭

He set wrong expectations, was incapable of sharing respectful love.
Married to a princess, accused her of his self created sufferings, bashed the tenderness out of her. Her royal loyalty couldn’t change his obnoxious stubbornness.
Those crystal eyes, solid stare but she was hardly there, as in their time, he was toxically incapable.
She thought that her love could transform his ruthlessness, instead, he took her heart and made it bleed.
She knew he’ll be the death of her, when in deathbed, still feared.

Emotional Violence cases are soaring as lockdown takes its toll. Even though we have upgraded our living standards, however, this act remained the same.
Emotional abuse happens to all women, regardless of their education status. Some men justify it by saying women deserve this, or ‘they made them do it’, however, a crime cannot be justified.
Some women say leaving isn’t easy or they need to stay because of their children, but how is that making the situation any better for your children!!!
Our society has always been the “men dominating society” even with modern transformations, some patriarchy is still the same.
You must be thinking of laws made for women!!!
Do you think that laws alone can ensure women’s well being and equality?
Don’t you feel like it’s high time to come out of it for a better world and stop blaming women for everything?
Just think, how can a country develop without giving equal rights to all its people?
Take a stand, because if you’re not going to be vocal about your sufferings then nobody will, in fact, you will be given ample excuses to stay.
Don’t think about what society will think of you or feel about you, show the courage and be assertive.

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