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She’s a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, so many roles to play in a lifetime, yet she does it without any fail. And what we do to her ?
We rip her life apart to satisfy our inner demons. She’s beaten, she’s forced to keep mum, raped and burnt alive. Just wow guys, just wow. I mean, to what more extent can we go ?
A day or two of candle marches, another day media shouts and a week later we’re like nothing happened. You guessed it right, it has become a joke where we’re equally responsible for what’s happening out there.
The people here can never be educated enough because they accept to cling to their roots. Unemployment and poverty leave those jackals with no options, but to pounce upon the weak. First their wives, then their kids and finally the outside world.
It’s us who feed them with the courage to do it repeatedly by just doing nothing. All of us has a mother or a sister or even a girl.
Wake up guys before it’s you who’s left to cry alone.
It’s truely shameful….!!!!

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The white – noise of life

You can be someone’s hope,while someone can be a motivation that drives you through harder phases of life.
They say time heals even the deepest scars, but the reality is those scars heal up when you have someone or something else to look upto. People, breathe in your fears and let them flow.Accept yourself, for that’s who you are.
At some point in life you find people who can be the calm to your crazy. Sharing your inner demons with them gives yourself a sense of being complete. Moving forward in life, the quality increases and quantity decreases. Same happens with the people in your life. Here the leftovers are the real ones. Ironic..!!!!
Don’t ever shy away from talking to someone you trust because it only makes you stronger,
Sometimes that someone may not be the right person or may not understand you but you can’t explain everything to everybody. some people just won’t get it and you have to be ok with that.
As there is a saying:
“Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone.”

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‘The INAPT Path’

A flash of light you call it to be …or maybe illusion will counteract.

I can’t explain it but sitting there under the stars I felt at peace for the first time in days.
I was just head over heels madly in love with that time and with you.
I never knew I’ll fall for you this way…
But Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion.

If you’re lucky you’ll get what you want, If you’re not lucky you die bit by bit until you realize its tooo late and its over and one day your mind stops working.

It’s crazy how life turns out sometimes. It can make you or break you at any phase. If you dont worry about the consequences, you can work wonders. Not worrying what someone thinks about you can take the distance.

All I want to convey is you’ll get knocked down a thousand times, its upto you to get either get back up or kneel down and give up. Failures are a harsh reality, giving up is what makes them permanent.

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Was I Mistaken?

Expectations are anything that either make you or break you.
When you say “we shouldn’t expect from anyone”, that’s not possible because it’s a human tendency,
We set expectations through our actions and ask not to expect, how ironic it is!!!
Which actually leaves you in a dilemma of you being your true self or being pretentious…!!!

Unfulfilling expectations – It did sent me to a dark place and caused disappointment, however it’s just like we like the bitterness of the dark chocolate, here you might wanna try a different prospective, this is just entropy at emotions.
Isn’t it bizarre ??

You expect, you get hurt…again you expect and you get hurt… and it leaves you at a stage where you keep an eye on other person, making sure that as deep into these snake infested waters a person goes,
and leaves you in irredeemable state…
It is well said by a great person–
“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”

So, be thankful to all those who said NO, because of them, you made yourself strong that will eventually make you happy.

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“The Goody Two Shoes”

To love and being loved, is a vam bam situation at times, a situation that allows you to venture into,
With variety of thought rushing from piller to post barging in your head,
As there’s a lot you wanna get off your chest so, you search for someone who can be calm to your crazy,
While searching….if you find someone,
ONE minute you get a gleeful feeling, another minute you think it may be a momentary lapse of judgment!!!
So its always good to know where the emergency exit is,
Because it’s inevitable 😉
And you cannot be the goody two shoes,
So be careful because a devaluation of feeling would jeopardize your whole future.

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Let’s get Insane!!!

Dream it, I want it
I want it, I work for it
I work for it, I get it.
That’s my definition for efforts.
I want Everything I dream of, I hope it was that easy to get that ‘everything’.
Hearing this, people call me insane and for a reply I say, “where’s the fun in being sane ?”
I want my definition of insanity to be understood, to get everything you deserve. I say this because life is running out but my dreams aint. There is so much to achieve in such a short span of time.
Just like everyone’s basic dream, mine is to make my life large so that post 60 years, when I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair and looking back at my life, I just want to smile.
A lot of people tried to snatch my dream from me. Yes, I broke down but stood back up again every time and fought back. Today I have a gift, a gift I call ‘my life’ and I am it’s master.
Through this, I just have a small message to convey. “every dream takes 3 things- the head, the heart and the guts, that’s what makes greatness. Its your’s to lose…!!!!”

See you soon guys ..😉

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Its been an year since I’ve been working on my dreams, and now is the time to test whether I’ll rip through them or they’ll rip me.

Life is a real challenge especially when it comes to chasing your dreams…and it’s good to have a dream that you want to live …that will give you a perspective to your living … you’ll meet many people some with a positive mind set and some with negative, you’ll have different opinions but at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make …where do you look yourself after the next 10 years ?

Make something anything your inspiration that will keep you going … be prone to the insinuations…ignore them and be a warrior and leave behind a legacy never seen or heard of before….!!!!

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See you soon guys 😉🤩

‘Rise of a Phoenix’

Among the sediments of sentiments
she fought hard to evade the tears,
as she wore a bleak smile on her face.
she never wanted the mean to acompass her,
she was too indecisive to prove her existence,
it did send her to a dark place, where she was haunted by her own demons causing her to see her fears.
as time changed constantly and waits for none,
she walked away not because she wanted others to realise her
worth and value, but because she finally realised her own
and now,
She won’t let anybody have her.

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See you soon guys 😉


From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
I’m travelling on far and wide,
Now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself,
And all the things I sometimes do isn’t me.
I close my eyes and think of home,
Another city goes by.
At a new divide,
neither you cried nor I,
But what’s this ?
neither you nor I slept peacefully
you were my companion,
Ain’t it funny how things play out, you never long for it it until it’s gone away,
And my heart will be there till my dying day.
There was animosity,
There was indifference but,
There was no separation.
In the eyes that hold my beloved,
who else can be held
At the time of parting, your eyes had my poetry,
and it was the poetry that i had never read aloud.

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See you soon 😉