Princess living in a fairytale, wrapped in a blanket of love,
love the cold so delicate.
Sweaters goosebumps as your Supreme love.
Like a pearl in a sea shell,
Peeping out of the window pane everyday, you saw the gulf between you and the world outside.
Vowed to never let that get you,
But the gulf was in you, deep as poison…
But one day, the day destined for you, only you.
He did come, the prince charming, the knight and shiny armour…
The click tends to rub off which actually did,
And in no time he became everything and we have our everythingship😍
Now I am wrapped in my armour’s arms, with more love and warmth than anywhere in this god forsaken world, which now seems to be unearthly beautiful from my castle.

– Inspired from You.

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Toodles 🤗

I’ve said Enough!!!

The sad thing is that you live in my eyes and I can’t touch you…

As you’re now the sky so elusive, filled with beauty…

I listen to all choices and all I can hear is the echo of your laughters…

The sad thing is to write poems and the only timeless poem will always be you .

With countless feelings to express and gradually falling short of words,

I don’t know how to say it.

Hidden inside me are the priceless memories that we had, the memories those can never be replaced.

You’re the only one to understand the gleam in my eyes.

Head straight, moving footsteps wherever they go, but the mind is shuck.

I just pray everyday to keep you because there can be no better CALM TO MY CRAZY.

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“The Goody Two Shoes”

To love and being loved, is a vam bam situation at times, a situation that allows you to venture into,
With variety of thought rushing from piller to post barging in your head,
As there’s a lot you wanna get off your chest so, you search for someone who can be calm to your crazy,
While searching….if you find someone,
ONE minute you get a gleeful feeling, another minute you think it may be a momentary lapse of judgment!!!
So its always good to know where the emergency exit is,
Because it’s inevitable 😉
And you cannot be the goody two shoes,
So be careful because a devaluation of feeling would jeopardize your whole future.

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Toodles ✌🎀

“NO Regrets”

When I stand in front of the mirror, I look myself in the eyes and guess what,
I am a witness to my inner demons who look to devour me from the inside.
When I look in the mirror, sometimes I don’t even recognise myself
And there are certain things that I do, it aint me.
Such horrors do not let me keep pace with myself and drive me insane.
But I too am a tough nut to crack. I got the heart of a winner. Unphased by such horrors,
I live with myself everyday. Every sunrise is a new challenge for me but I decide to keep my mind set on not letting such thoughts take me from my loved ones.
I look forward to a new tomorrow because there’s no point in crying over yesterday. Deep inside me there’s a fire because I look at a reflection I no longer admire. I paint a picture of a fighter but someone’s looking back telling me I’m a liar.
Yes, I have made mistakes but held on to my faith every time I was struck down. I wish to leave behind a legacy never witnessed before.
“There’s no point in crying over yesterday, we haven’t seen the best of days.”

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See you soon🎀


From the coast of gold, across the seven seas
I’m travelling on far and wide,
Now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself,
And all the things I sometimes do isn’t me.
I close my eyes and think of home,
Another city goes by.
At a new divide,
neither you cried nor I,
But what’s this ?
neither you nor I slept peacefully
you were my companion,
Ain’t it funny how things play out, you never long for it it until it’s gone away,
And my heart will be there till my dying day.
There was animosity,
There was indifference but,
There was no separation.
In the eyes that hold my beloved,
who else can be held
At the time of parting, your eyes had my poetry,
and it was the poetry that i had never read aloud.

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See you soon 😉