You neither know how to hide it,
Nor know how to Express it.
The lava of your aderaline rush wants to come out…but you’re stopping it
Why ??!!
Let it flow, let it show.
Tussles are a part of life sometimes with nobody, sometimes with the loved one,
And the aftereffects are like being trapped inside a chamber where there’s no turning back,
Yet a ray of hope coming your way …
Let me be the one, your rising and shiny hope,
Let me be your light.
And I promise I’ll never let you go …
Never ever will make you feel this way.
Take the time to be happy …
Coz without you everything seems unsorted and unhappy.
Let your fears roll, I am here.
because I understand you, believe you, and will try to heal you.
Smile and everything will be change for good, for such moments are temporary.
Don’t worry, the best is yet to come.

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Have you ever reached a stage in your life where your mind and heart tell you, “This is the place you always wanted to be at?”
The feeling is unspeakable, but there is a sense of accomplishment inside.
You begin to realize that everything’s back on track…
When suddenly your life on wheels derails again… back to square one,
You’re at your deciding point whether to give up or give in.
At certain stages of life, we are defined by the decisions we make.
You’re either a winner or a nobody !!!
A happy life is not a myth but somewhere close.
Mostly the decisions taken are made by seeing our comfort zone,
making us reluctant to the change.
What an irony!!! But ‘change’ is the only constant thing in this world. Embracing changes and giving up the comfort zones defines a stand out.
Tomorrow even if the life goes south, you’ll have courage to face it instead of kneeling down before circumstances.
Always remember, failure is temporary, giving up is what makes it permanent.

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Am I right, or am I right??!!

Time is wind, both touches you and then blows away before you know it. The world is a small place and it’s over before you know it.
Time has wings, i realised it when i met new people at newer stages of life. Some still afresh and some, lost into the unknown. Talking to people has always helped me to open new endeavours for myself, new opportunities have come my way since.
Have you felt like you were standing still while the world and people around you were racing ahead?

Its more like you’re in a room, feeling claustrophobic of what has happened with you, (bright n shiny with darkest ones) yet deciding to stay up in there, protecting yourself. Suddenly, somebody knocks on that door and you’re in a deep gulf pushing yourself to a certain level, your mind made up with the past experiences, and you decide to open the door, the door that may help to vent the fire in you, out on the god forsaken world.
(am I right or am I right!!!)
As one never knows what life may have in store for us.
Try to be a willing human and explore
because at some point you understand that talking to new people makes you realise where you stand, it doesn’t mean you won’t be judged. Of course you have already been judged and, if they talk to you, you prove you’re worthy enough.
So break your shells, let yourself lose and explore the unexplored.

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I’ve said Enough!!!

The sad thing is that you live in my eyes and I can’t touch you…

As you’re now the sky so elusive, filled with beauty…

I listen to all choices and all I can hear is the echo of your laughters…

The sad thing is to write poems and the only timeless poem will always be you .

With countless feelings to express and gradually falling short of words,

I don’t know how to say it.

Hidden inside me are the priceless memories that we had, the memories those can never be replaced.

You’re the only one to understand the gleam in my eyes.

Head straight, moving footsteps wherever they go, but the mind is shuck.

I just pray everyday to keep you because there can be no better CALM TO MY CRAZY.

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Following MY Religion

It’s different this time…
A new beginning, a new direction,
As the path you travel becomes more intricate, you will begin noticing the actions and reactions from yourself and those around you and realise that being at peace with self is the best thing that you can give yourself.
Please don’t mistake me for telling you to become an introvert, but there comes a time in life when your heart just keeps to yourself.
Going through the transformation times is the toughest part. Once you’re through, you’re young, wild and free. A bird with the spirit of a Phoenix fearing no one and just obeying oneself. With your destiny in your own hands, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
There will be times when you’ll think of kneeling before the circumstances, but as a matter of fact this is the time where the real you is carved out of yourself.
Just remember this “the startings are always the hardest and right before you level up, the world will turn upside down. Just be patient with yourself and once you’re through, you’ll stop at nothing !!!!!”

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“The Moral Compass”

“If you’re good at something, make it your everything.”
Well if someone says they are good at nothing, they just haven’t explored themselves yet. I believe each soul is a mystery that can only be unravelled by oneself.
Just like others, I wanted to be good at everything, may it be academics, sports etc. I guess I just wanted to be perfect. I wish being perfect was never a myth. But I couldn’t chose what was I good at because my thoughts were the very same. So I just gave myself some time.
By time I got a reality check, the outcomes were surprising. I was good at certain things I never had never dreamt of. Every individual has a different thought process that needs a direction to work in. If the direction is righteous, you can work wonders.
This direction never comes easy. I was given the direction by someone who was never a part of my life before. Life has different ways to surprise you I guess. Finally I had discovered myself.
“whatever you actually want in life never comes easy. You have got to take a stand for yourself and show the fight in you. You’re special”.
So just be patient with yourself and make this world yours.

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“NO Regrets”

When I stand in front of the mirror, I look myself in the eyes and guess what,
I am a witness to my inner demons who look to devour me from the inside.
When I look in the mirror, sometimes I don’t even recognise myself
And there are certain things that I do, it aint me.
Such horrors do not let me keep pace with myself and drive me insane.
But I too am a tough nut to crack. I got the heart of a winner. Unphased by such horrors,
I live with myself everyday. Every sunrise is a new challenge for me but I decide to keep my mind set on not letting such thoughts take me from my loved ones.
I look forward to a new tomorrow because there’s no point in crying over yesterday. Deep inside me there’s a fire because I look at a reflection I no longer admire. I paint a picture of a fighter but someone’s looking back telling me I’m a liar.
Yes, I have made mistakes but held on to my faith every time I was struck down. I wish to leave behind a legacy never witnessed before.
“There’s no point in crying over yesterday, we haven’t seen the best of days.”

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See you soon🎀